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Kwento ni Jean

Being in a long-distance relationship is hard. There isn’t an exact Kapampangan translation of “I miss you,” so instead, I say to my jowa, “Nahidlaw ako ka nimo. With Talasalitaan, not only do I get to express my feelings; I can also learn simple and meaningful sentences in the different languages existing in the Philippines. Languages are dying. Unfortunately, I may have been part of the genocide languages are experiencing so I’m trying my best to keep my beloved language Kapampangan alive. But I should also help in keeping other languages alive — so should you. Talasalitaan is doing a great job in promoting, and in return, keeping our beautiful languages alive. Wear your language. Wear our languages.- Jean Aquino Binigyan...

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Pag-amin ni Mai

Here's a confession: for a long time, I have been consumed by colonial mentality (disgusting, I know) that I didn't bother learning about Filipino languages or literature. So now I can't speak my own native language without switching codes. I can't write in full Filipino because I feel ashamed that I can't even tell the difference between nang and ng (which explains why this post was written in English. I'm learning, chill!) Now I regret not taking my Fil classes seriously. I regret skipping Retorika so I can watch That's My Tomboy live at the ABS-CBN studio instead, hahahaha. Okay, moving on... The Philippines is home to 130 languages. But some of these languages are now considered extinct because people...

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