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Kwento ni Jean

Being in a long-distance relationship is hard. There isn’t an exact Kapampangan translation of “I miss you,” so instead, I say to my jowa, “Nahidlaw ako ka nimo.
With Talasalitaan, not only do I get to express my feelings; I can also learn simple and meaningful sentences in the different languages existing in the Philippines.

Languages are dying. Unfortunately, I may have been part of the genocide languages are experiencing so I’m trying my best to keep my beloved language Kapampangan alive. But I should also help in keeping other languages alive — so should you.

Talasalitaan is doing a great job in promoting, and in return, keeping our beautiful languages alive.

Wear your language. Wear our languages.

- Jean Aquino 

Binigyan namin ng bagong bihis ang disenyo ng shirt na tulad ng kay Jean. Heto ang bersyon 1 at heto naman ang bersyon 2