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Pag-amin ni Mai

Here's a confession: for a long time, I have been consumed by colonial mentality (disgusting, I know) that I didn't bother learning about Filipino languages or literature.
So now I can't speak my own native language without switching codes. I can't write in full Filipino because I feel ashamed that I can't even tell the difference between nang and ng (which explains why this post was written in English. I'm learning, chill!) Now I regret not taking my Fil classes seriously. I regret skipping Retorika so I can watch That's My Tomboy live at the ABS-CBN studio instead, hahahaha.
Okay, moving on...
The Philippines is home to 130 languages. But some of these languages are now considered extinct because people no longer speak them.
Thanks to Talasalitaan, we can help save our languages. By speaking our languages, we remember them. We keep them alive.
As for me, I get to say "pagod na ako" in Waray. If that's not badass, I don't know what is.
Salamat, Talasalitaan. Buhayin ang wikang atin!

- Mai Porras

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